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Seasons are shifting again

September 13, 2010

Brussels sprouts stretching out of their weedy summer home.

This weekend saw a definite change in the weather and with it the flavor profile around the farm changed quite a bit. We are finally picking our fall crop of broccoli, currently every other day, and it should soon be abundant. And, surprise surprise, we finally picked some Brussels sprouts. They are not going to be as abundant as past years have seen them, mainly do to the dry summer and a variety of other factors, so be sure to keep an eye peeled. We will bring them in as fast as possible. Winter squash is also coming in pretty strong now. It is a great time to start thinking about butternut raviolis and pumpkin soups.

Jarrahadale Squash: so pretty it hurts to eat it. So tasty it hurts not to.

It was sad to see the nectarines disappear this weekend, but the peaches are still coming in from Sunnycrest in Sterling and apples are arriving from all over. We even found a new local provider of pears and are currently thrilled with our Bartlett and Bosc pears from Flat Hill Orchards, just over in Lunenburg.

Bartlett pears from Flat Hill Orchards in Lunenburg, MA.

Also in the mood of the season, Robert from Spiga restaurant in Needham came out on Saturday to feed us some  savory late summer vegetable stew. He kept it on the dry side so we could enjoy it on toast and in hand, but it was easy to imagine it by the bowlful in front of me. He had recipes on hand, and I in fact carried one away with me to post here, so I will certainly get to that soon. If you tried it or missed out you won’t be disappointed with the results. Or you could pop on over to Spiga, near the Newton line off Highland ave and get a taste even quicker.

Apples continue to roll in daily, including newish arrivals, Mutsu, Macintosh, and Cortland. Also this week you might notice a change on the corn table. We are trying out a new variety of all white corn. This one is called Mattapoisett, and while we may disagree on pronunciation we are pretty happy with the taste. What do you think? Does it hold up to Argent on your table? It is very similar to Providence butter and sugar corn, so give it a shot and let us know.

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