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Labor Day under the Big Top.

September 3, 2010

These cut flower bouquets won't just wow the butterflies, but your Labor Day cookout hosts as well.

Well, Hurricane Earl is so far seeming to be leaving us high and dry. Along with this great news, we have broken our umpteenth heat wave of the summer and are poised for what the forecasters are calling an amazing weekend. That is great news for us, because it means we expect to see you down here soon.

First, we are open all weekend AND Labor Day, 9-6 everyday.

While the supply is heavy, we have moved our heirloom tomatoes out into the tent where you can find them in these market baskets, sold by variety so you are sure to get your favorite time and time again.

Second, we are currently picking three (3!) varieties of corn: Providence butter and sugar, all yellow super sweet Mirai, and the always sublime silver queen type Argent. Where else do you get such choice?

Third, we are chock full of mums and fall-blooming perennials and annuals.  So you can save your yard and your picnic all in one spot this weekend.

We hustled all week to get late crops fed, cultivated and tended before tonight’s storm hit, so even if the weather isn’t too extreme it feels great going in to the weekend with a lot under our belts. Now we can concentrate on keeping the stand full of the produce you are craving.

Just a few of the apples available now, embrace the season and get to work on that prize-winning pie recipe early.

In addition to the corn we brought in a few more types of apples this week. I believe there are still some of the first bin Macintosh available out there. By out there I mean under the tents between the stand and parking lot. It is the location you need to notice first upon arrival, so don’t be confused when we direct you to the tent for peaches, apples, and currently heirloom tomatoes. The many canvases we spread nearly double our selling floor square footage during the depth of the harvest and we like to put our best foot forward  there. So please don’t pass it by on your way inside.

Cinderella, Sugar, and Carving pumpkins are available now, plus a huge variety of winter squashes.

Out in the fields we are starting to see some of the recognizable signs of season change. The trees in the swamp around Standish Field are certainly changing up their color. The Monarch butterflies are starting to pass through. The deer have discovered the lettuce fields, much to my dismay. We will have to see how that plays out. Summer squash and cucumber crops are showing their age, but hopefully the next and last crop will come on soon and pick up some of the slack.

I know we said earlier in the year that the earlier summer would lead to an earlier fall, and so far that seem true. but we will just have to wait and see a little more. Tomatoes are hanging on, though not as robust as a few weeks ago, and the peppers are still shockingly lush. There is no stopping the bean crops, plain and simple. All said and done hope to see you soon, we’ll be here!

All grown at our Standish field: King Arthur Red, Canary Yellow, Orange Grande, Aristotle Green, Bluejay Purple, Blackbird, Ivory White, plus Cubanelle, Cornetta, Cheese and five types of hot peppers make for a glowing rainbow of a display. Available in the tent and inside.

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