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The week that was, and hurtling into September

August 29, 2010

Cherry tomato variety is wild right now.

So, did you notice? we are still busy down at the farm. Thank you all so much for keeping it that way. We had a frenetic day Saturday, with a fabulous cooking demonstration with Vanessa from The Center Cafe in Needham. At least that’s what I hear, we were so busy in the field with the harvest I never got out that far. But from what I gathered she made a great salad dressing and pasta sauce, I will post more on this as I find out about it, but I am guessing you guys have a better idea than me already based on the bustle in these photos.

The Center Cafe, escaping downtown for the afternoon.

Additionally this week saw Montauk corn bow out, to make room for beloved Providence and Mirai varieties. That’s right Mirai fans, the super super sweet corn is here now, yellow as ever.

Have you happened to notice Autumn encroaching on us? There are several apple varieties crowding the tent all of a sudden. One of which is everyone’s favorite heavyweight sugar bomb: Honeycrisp.  We also have Opalescent, Gravenstein, Burgundy, Milton, Ginger Gold, Rhode Island Greening, Paulared, Dayton, Red Free, and Sanza.  That is quite a few for so early, but know many, many more are on the way. Don’t forget to check out our Apple Guide Page over on the right side of the blog.

Threatening to crowd out the heirloom tomatoes, winter squash landed with its  sonic thud in the stand today as well, so if you were hoping to have some heavy pumpkins hanging around for the next few months, now is your chance! No, really I love them, it just feels too soon.

(I hate to tell you but there are only like 9 weeks left of the produce season, 9. That’s only 9 more pies til Halloween for those of you who only make it in once a week. How fair is that?)

Carrots, freshly demudded from the Standish Field.

So this week will see more of everything pouring in. Vague but true. We have entered a new carrot crop with young sweet roots. Lima beans and French Horticultural Shell beans are rounding out the bean display. Peppers are really at their peak now, weeks ahead of schedule. If this pace keeps up we will see broccoli and cauliflower before you know it. So while a lot of the day to day projects and upkeep are falling to the wayside, now that we are caught up on rainfall and hitting another heat wave this week, well the sky is the limit on this season. Just don’t be a stranger as things change fast. Also, remember us when packing those first school lunches this week, start everyone off right with a favorite peach or apple, or if your kids are like the Volantes’, the daily cucumber,  in that brown bag.

Have a great start to September everyone and remember to spend it with us. And, oh yeah, it is certainly time to consider fall annuals and hardy mums. Now that the heat is waning, after this week, you can get a good idea of how the gardens survived your summer absence while you were out on the cape. Right, it didn’t rain much, so rip out those dead things and get some fresh color in the ground early this fall.

Did you chat with OnePennyPerMile this weekend? Click photo to connect to their website.

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