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Saving Graces

August 23, 2010

The rain is here. You may have noticed! Well it is a boon and a half to us, if it stays like this, calm and collected. the fields are certainly able to absorb the water, the dust finally settling.

A splendid spread of tomatoes.

What an amazing weekend at the farm, with pizza and salad from Stone Hearth and our big tomato tasting event. Our tomato chest certainly shows in its empty-ness that you were happy to have a chance to preview some of those heirlooms before committing!

For you weekend foodie folk, note that this coming Saturday, newish Needham restaurant, The Center Cafe, will be cooking at the farm. The Center Cafe serves up a refined take on classic American fare in the former Fava space downtown. Come see what they have to offer and experience what sounds like quite the demonstration.

In order to prep for the current rain we tried to get some of the weight off the plants in the field. First to protect the plants from breakage under the added weight and second to make sure there is enough available on the stand for purchase. One of the outcomes is a surplus of peppers and eggplant.

The peppers in particular have been impressive for this early in the season. Bushel after bushel of ripe and ready red yellow and orange peppers are filling the tent and stand now. Perhaps it is the dry summer or just particular luck, but the sweetness is undeniable. If you have some picky eaters at home now may be the time to try them on peppers, sweet as apples, some might say.

A truckload of pepper ripeness

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