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High Summer Color

August 17, 2010

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We are being inundated with produce down at the farm. Red, yellow, green, orange, purple, white, and black peppers; red, yellow, orange, purple, and green tomatoes; Purple, black, pink, and white eggplant; green and yellow squash; green, yellow, and pink beans; red, gold, white and striped beets; orange, yellow, red, and purple carrots. It almost makes all the amazing corn and lettuce we have to offer seem mundane, almost.

There is a lot of new variety available on the stand lately. We are picking New Zealand spinach again, Montauk corn is in season, and are offering a new lettuce: Flashy Trout Back, a speckled red romaine field trial, available in limited quantities.

Tomatoes are having perhaps the best year in the past 10. We harvested a probable record 125ish bushels already this week. We will start to look at some of our newer varieties in-depth soon, having some taste testings at the farm to gather your opinion as well. We have added red zebra, merlot, and box car willie this year among others and are trying to decide what we need more or less of in the future.

Also happening soon, more cooking demos from our Summer Local Chef Series. This Saturday we will be featuring Needham’s Stone Hearth Pizza. In the past they have wowed with a cool watermelon salad made with Volante Greens. They often use our tomatoes on their pizzas in shop as well. Stop on by to see what they cook up this time!

Additionally, the following Saturday, August 28 we will host Vanessa from the Center Cafe, one of Needham’s newest restaurant additions and a frequent shopper at Volante’s. Sounds like she has quite the afternoon planned for her demo as well.

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