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August 11, 2010

Sorry for the lapse in information, things are just moving so quick into the heavy season, I barely have time to sit down at the computer lately.  Not to mention getting the camera out for some nice photos. I will try to remedy all of it soon.

Anyway what has been missed: We had a great day cooking with Dave Becker a few weeks ago; his summer tomato gazpacho with purslane creme was fantastic. Last week I hope you had the opportunity to enjoy our annual corn festival. We sampled a fairly new variety, Kristine, and a brand new variety, Reflection, on Saturday to rave reviews. It was certainly a weekend for corn, we had lines stretching through the stand waiting for the extra pick in the late afternoon. (We love to see that of course)

Tomatoes are  coming strong and beans, even lima and shell, are plentiful. We are in between cucumber crops right now, the early one tapering off and the next one still coming on, but there are generally some available and it should increase soon, especially with all the fantastic weather.

Early apples have made their way into the tent, not sure if any of us are ready for apple season yet, but it seems to be upon us.

Oh, one more thing. We will be closing early this Saturday, at 5 pm. Thanks for understanding, we just need a little bit of time to get ready for production manager and farmer’s daughter, Teri Volante’s wedding. We will see you Sunday (some of us bright and all too early) for normal weekend hours of 9-6.

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