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This just in: rain is wetter than water.

July 13, 2010

Hard to believe but true. The lucky 1 1/4 inches of rain we got over the weekend has really jolted everything into place. We are set for a while now, and with more showers heading in tonight the irrigation crew is going to rest easy for a while.  The heat is doing its thing as well, and all the roots that have been stretching under ground looking for a drink  have plenty now and are pushing those plants skyward.

Tomato fields at Standish Rd farm. Lush comes to mind.

As we have been noticing all along, everything seems to be moving ahead of schedule this year by a week or two. Except the tomatoes. They are however growing faster than we can keep them pruned.  The entire tomato field is poised to explode in color in just a few weeks. and the branches are hanging low with heavy fruit already. So they will be here soon. We do have New Jersey grown field tomatoes for sale on the stand, and heirlooms from North Carolina. Geography will tell you about where our homegrown ones stand then. Oh and just a reminder, there is no schedule to farming, it happens when it happens. Therein lies the beauty.

In the homegrown department right now we are seeing the pea and broccoli crops ebb, while cucumbers and beans are overflowing. If you have ever found our cucumber and pickle department lacking in quantity, now is the time to rediscover them. Beans are a blowing up quickly in the heat as well. The second crop was ripe and gone by in a blink of the eye. We have moved on to our third crop and with it a few new varieties are entering the repertoire. While we used to just market our beans as green, we now label our various varieties of green so that you can pick your favorite and let us know what we should be planting more of. We have two standard green beans, Provider, our early season and every season bean, and Jade our summer stunner in dark green. This week you will also see Seabiscuit, Caprice, Concessa, and newcomer Lewis make appearances. Be sure to let us know what you think, ask for your favorite when you come by again.

The lowest hanging fruit will be the first to ripen, still green so far!

Thanks for coming out on Saturday for Customer Appreciation Day. We hope you felt it, at least in your bellies. What a lot of good food was being passed around until that downpour struck. Speaking of food, it is time to start our summer cooking series.

Each year we invite local chefs and restaurants down to the farm to put on cooking demonstrations with our vegetables in the hope that you will get some inspiration for your home kitchen and maybe get to know some of our local partners, who use Volante grown vegetables in their kitchens around town.

This Saturday, July 17th, Not Your Average Joe’s in Needham will be down. They are planning on presenting their take on a pasta primavera with some of our bountiful vegetables. So make it a plan to stop in on Saturday, from 10-2,  and get that midday snack under your belt before you tackle your own garden to kitchen plans.

The field of Temptation we are picking right now. You did know we had homegrown corn already right?

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