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Needham Grown Corn, Thursday Morning

July 7, 2010

Temptation Corn being watered with pond water off Standish Road, could be on your table tomorrow. Click for video.

In one of the fastest moving summers in recent memory, we are excited, as predicted, to be picking Temptation corn in the morning. As usual, we expect it to be amazing, corn being something we like to have an ego about. So come on down, the heat will start breaking as soon as you buy some corn!*

Also, WCVB tv was down today for a story on how the heat is affecting MA farms, especially in regard to water consumption. As you can see in the video, we are very blessed to have several different options when it comes to irrigating our crops, from sprinklers and ‘big guns’ to trickle drip irrigation. We can use town water if necessary, but the same way we manage our greenhouse by reclaiming rainwater on the roof for use inside, we reclaim rainwater and ground water in our field to put back onto the crops. This is possible due to tile drain deep under the field which directs water to a dammed pond at the back of our home field, which we can then pump out of. Likewise our Standish road fields are irrigated exclusively by the man-made ponds remaining from the previous tenants.

To see the video at Channel 5, click here.

* Heat will break when it wants to. No claims made regarding weather prediction can be taken seriously whatsoever. Heat has left me addled. Apologies for getting your hopes up.

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