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July 5, 2010

It feels like forever right? We really hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend. We are still enjoying ours too, and will reopen tomorrow, Tuesday, at 9am. Well, a few of us were down at the farm today, getting ahead on some of the produce before it gets ahead of us. You really can’t let zucchini rest for a day or it will have the upper hand, and as we are dealing with hundreds of them, we really need to be on our toes.

We also pulled in a lot of our broccoli today, prior to the heat wave that seems to be settling in for the week. The spring broccoli crop appears to have reached its peak of harvest. There is really so much I can’t describe it, other than by truckloads. So please come on down and enjoy some of it, and you know, if you have a recipe that will use up a lot of broccoli, take a minute and share it with us here. We’d love to know your favorite.

Corn countdown continues. I am not the decider when it comes to corn, but my personal feeling is that we will say goodbye to Connecticut corn very soon. Probably by this weekend, possibly before. Make sure you plan on stopping by for Customer Appreciation Day on Saturday July 10, when you can eat goodies on us and maybe take home some amazing Temptation sweet corn! We are also still picking peas, and this week should see the introduction of  homegrown cabbage, for some really fresh coleslaw at your next picnic. The blueberry crop is moving into peak season so there should be plenty of them to doll up your desserts this month.

Just remember to stay cool, and if you can’t bear to cook in the heat remember how filling a salad can be, and that we offer tons of lettuces and greens to serve as a base. Need some ideas? We have plenty of salad add-ins like walnuts, dried apricots and cranberries. And of course all the dressing you could need.

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