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Social networks: linking corn to the people, at long last

June 30, 2010

You may have gathered from our email, twitter, or maybe just heard us shouting along the roadside, but things are going great. We brought in local, New England grown corn for the first time this morning, from Connecticut. As you know it will only get more local every day, until you see us picking it in a week-ish. Say hello to summer and the holiday weekend with some fantastic corn on the cob.

Additionally, it is a rare year that we have peas and corn both for the 4th of July. So if your holiday meal tends more toward salmon and peas than hamburgers and corn, we  can help you out. We have bushels upon bushels of peas to pick this week and will likely have them after the 4th as well.

The weather is still wicked dry. Though I have to admit, with weather like today’s it makes Monday seem like a distant memory. Or, it would had my thoughts on the matter not  been featured in The Boston Globe.  Giving interviews about 100 degree heat indexes while in 100 degree indexes is at best inadvisable. At worst, feel free to read for yourself.

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Today we watered the early corn for the first time this year, which to compare, didn’t happen at all last year.  We will be hauling pipes, hoses, and pumps around all the fields til the clouds come around again. But we won’t rush them, we want a good weekend for everyone! We have a well oiled machine of an irrigation team that uses a combination of overhead nozzles and micro drip irrigation fed by  town, reclaimed groundwater, and man-made ponds that will see us through.

Oh and regarding the posting’s title,  please feel free to “like” us on Facebook. We now have a page up there as well and in coming weeks should get all of our various technological advances working together in harmony. To visit us on Facebook click here.

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