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Crazy Teri just can’t quit

June 22, 2010

Not content with the successful and, might I add, ongoing huge plant sale, Teri has called in the cavalry. If, and I mean if, what  you wanted for your home garden was not here, not on our benches, not in the houses, not already crawling its way into your car, stop on by and give us another chance.

We just got in all of these fresh annuals and perennials today and spent some quality time culling through our stock. With literally thousands of annuals and perennials new this week, there is still no excuse for you entering summer in a drab and dreary mood at home. At least consider picking up a sharp red white and blue petunia planter or mixed perennial pot to give your place some curb appeal for the upcoming holiday weekend. Or get you favored guest status from the host at that weekend barbeque.

Also in the stand, we are bringing in zucchini and summer squash  by the bucketload. I threw some of this yellow zucchini in my stir fry tonight, and it made the meal. Oh and as a special treat for you blog readers, hidden between the lines, we finally brought some sugar snap peas out of the field today, but only two bushels so get on down early tomorrow as it will be a while yet before the next ones are ready. Regular peas are going strong and they will be around all week, and the corn countdown will begin soon. Get your cob holders and community butter dishes dusted off.

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  1. Teri permalink*
    June 23, 2010 9:08 am

    STUNNING PICTURE. THANK YOU. Well, Ryan… prepare yourself. You’ve just messed with the wrong crazyperson : )

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