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Summertime Rain

June 20, 2010

New to us, colorful local chicken eggs from Morning Beckons Farm in Uxbridge, MA. A very exciting addition to our refrigerator chest.

Thank goodness that storm rolled in today. we were getting desperate for a little rainfall. Well, not desperate, it has just saved us a little more work in the irrigation department this week, so that is a good thing.

Hey all you Fathers! Did you get what you wanted? Some tomato plants to fuss over? Some climbing perennials to shade your hammock? Maybe that strawberry rhubarb pie, all to yourself?

No? It can still be fixed. Send them down, have them talk to us. We’ll make it right, remind them how you deserve it and tell them to add 20% as a late fee. A good father teaches financial lessons too!

Aside from that plenty is happening in the produce department. We are picking beans: green, wax and “sometimes” Romano. I know how much you love those Romanos, a good reason to watch our twitter feed. Early birds will get the beans after all.

The last crop of peas is ripening quickly, we are fighting the red-winged blackbirds who seem to prefer them on the young side of ripe, but hopefully we can keep them at bay. Those should start to come in mid-week.

We are finished picking our spring onions and are now pulling our regular scallions. Another new type this year, from Japan, and they seem very robust if currently on the small side. We pulled a few carrots this weekend as well, but were not impressed with the size. Going to give them a few more days to soak up some of the rain. Also enjoying the rain are our beets, which we have graduated to from beet greens as well this weekend.

Our foray into red spinach is done until the fall and cooler weather, but to keep you in oddball greens we are picking our favorite baby bok choy again. We are temporarily between lettuce crops, with only a little homegrown available now, but we should start into the next one later this week. In the meantime we got our hands on some great Massachusetts grown lettuce for you, so they will still be local greens on your plate. We also have plenty of greenhouse grown baby greens to get you through the week on.

Summer squash and zucchini have really started performing, and we picked our first batch of pickling cucumbers this morning. Blueberries have started to ripen up on the hill. I was able to eat a few today without puckering, but it will still be a little while yet. So for the most part, early summer is upon us and I guess it is just in the nick of time. Soon we will be talking fava beans, broccoli, and we’ll get over our commitment issues with the carrot crop.

Swamp can't believe all we've got to offer this week. Will you be as amazed by the beans as he is?

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