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The signs of summer are here and say discount in bold letters

June 11, 2010

These “ahem” May flowers may have brought us June showers, but it is nothing we aren’t used to working around. So the good news is that for all of you who have been dragging and lagging on the yard work, you have waited us out to our huge summer plant sale. All the little plants in the greenhouse are itching reaching and begging to be put out to stretch grow and flourish in your yard. So much so that they won’t even mind having  their costs slashed by up to 30% and more. All six-pack, four-pack, window box plants, geraniums and hangers of all types and sizes have had their prices cut. It’s time to start clearing our shelves to make room for more summer greens; which by the way we started harvesting this week: baby arugula and a new spicy mustard mix is available as well.

4 & 6 pack flowers are now just $1.99. and the beautiful 14 and 16 inch moss hanging baskets of single and mixed flowers have been reduced by $10 each.

If you have been holding out for any reason, this weekend is the time to come by. Graduation parties, summer weddings, 4th of July bbq’s; this is the time to beautify and you can do it quickly with mature and blooming plants, ready to wow your friends and neighbors, while you take the credit.

Wildlife and Hawk Update: since I received so many questions about our friend the hawk from last week, just an update: he is still around, every morning and many afternoons. He seems to be averaging a chipmunk every other day, which while at times gruesome, is very impressive. He is very comfortable with us in the field and happy to sit within 10 feet as long as we don’t bother his hunt. It has been great, we have a strong biological control program at work outside the greenhouses as well now, and it is self-sustaining. This week has seen the hatching of  two more Kildeer nests, some Robin chicks, and visits from a young deer, a large turkey, and enough groundhogs to go around. If you bring the kids down to look at the fields and the tractors, keep an eye out as there is a lot more going on around here than just the veggies it seems.

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