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Wild Weather

June 8, 2010

With a crazy weekend behind us and a beautiful week before us, just a quick update on what’s going on. The rough weather of the past week has left us with a few changes. We have certainly re-filled our rain water collection tank for greenhouse watering, so that is a plus. And any of the crops that were  getting a bit desperate around the edges have had their rightful drink. We were very lucky that it seems all of our crops survived the deluges so far. The next round of peas and lettuce were certainly getting their feet wet longer than we would like, but hopefully we re-ditched the field fast enough to promote quick drainage. Nothing like too much water to aid summertime disease in your vegetable garden. Take note for your home garden as well,  make sure all your plants have got plenty of breathing room and aren’t sitting in any puddles of water.

We think we took some sort of lightning strike early Saturday morning, which has, it seems, toasted the wiring of the new greenhouse’s computer as well as some of our incoming phone lines. So if you have trouble reaching us or you notice something a bit wonky  as the roof of the greenhouse jerks up and down, we apologize. A few more days and we hope to be back on track, but it may take us longer to get to the phone than we like, and voice-mail isn’t a guaranteed success either right now, but this will be short-lived.

Our daily red-tailed hawk visitor, perched on the weather station between wind speed and direction, and directly on the precipitation monitor.

In the meantime the crops are being watched over from our red-tailed friend. You will likely notice him in the mornings. He likes to start the day perched on the weather station, as seen here, on the back left corner of the greenhouse. Then as things heat up and the roof opens wide he hops onto the edge for a little higher view. Our friend is doing an excellent job of keeping the chipmunks and rodents in check, which is saving more zucchini for you in the near future.

We have started picking Romaine lettuce this week, as well as a new type of red-veined spinach. Early reports compare it to a chard-ier version of spinach, if you know what I mean. Peas are still coming in, though there may be a break here and there between the first couple varieties, luck will likely fall to the frequent shoppers in that sense. Strawberries are showing no signs of slowing down, after a few disappointing berry years this new crop is really a pleasure.

In the greenhouses potted geraniums have gone on sale. Pansies are still on half price. New deliveries are showing up regularly. If you have been holding out on your vegetable gardening now is the time to grab some tomatoes and peppers while there is still some variety available. We have planted most of our season long crops in the field by now and they are thriving. Just pumpkins and winter squash remain as soon as the water recedes. So if we are caught up, it means it is time for you to catch up.

As an added incentive you might want to be reminded that along with produce comes all the treats, including Ever So Humble pies again. this year we have already sampled and loved two new pies: BlueBarb (blueberry & rhubarb) and Black & Blue (berries). The first is a perfectly balanced dessert sure to please. The latter is a berry extravaganza for the crowd with a sweet (and just a hint of sour) tooth.

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