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Safe to plant?

May 23, 2010

The number one question of the week, month, and spring, is “when is it safe to plant?” There is no right answer to this. But, I think we can let The Weather Channel decide for us. They don’t show any temperatures below 50 for the next 10 days, which puts us into June. And June my friends, is when it is safe to plant or not bother. So what does that mean? If you haven’t come in to get your vegetables and flowers yet, it is now the time. Take care of the garden this week so the upcoming holiday weekend you can be kicking back and enjoying it already.

Lettuce is forming heads, crisply and fresh for spring. We will plant our second crop this week most likely.

Not to mention, we need you guys to clear out some more of the stock of pottery and fertilizer in the stand, because the best news of the week is that the strawberries are ripening  quickly, so we should have them as soon as we make the switch over to produce in a couple of weeks.

This will be the first year we have harvested berries off these plants, so it is exciting to see how early this early variety is.

As far as the field goes we have removed the floating row covers on the early beans and peas, and they are greening and growing nicely. This week we planted the Early Girl tomatoes, 4 double beds of them, at the Standish Rd. field. They are of course under cover, to protect them against extra chilly nights, pests, and under ideal conditions to give them a little heat boost.

We also planted the first zucchini crop at the home field. We are trying something new this year. We are putting this crop on plastic mulch, like we do with the tomatoes. The mulch is a 5 foot wide sheet of black plastic that allows water to permeate but prevents weeds from germinating by blocking light to the soil. The more time we save in weeding, the better for everyone, our backs and your wallets.

Summer squash plants get acclimated to their surroundings. If the temps threaten to dip we will cover squash and zucchini with hoops and row cover, like we do with the tomatoes.

We have planted more beans and corn this week too, and watching radishes and spinach pop up all over. Next week should see peppers and eggplant making their way in to the ground. Plenty to do and plenty already done. Check in with us soon for what’s next.

The onion sets I showed us planting a month ago are not only up, but ready to pull. We will certainly have some nice spring onion scallions for you, when we open with produce.

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