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Mid May Check up

May 12, 2010

Everything is flowing along nicely. We are putting the days of pansies and violas behind us and moving on to the true summer season. Just a little more time and we’ll be ready for warm weather gardening.

We’ve been bringing in some of the hot weather  tropical plants, mandeville and hibiscus and plenty of bright blooms. We have tons of geraniums and more arrive all the time. It’s still a wonderful time to get some of the early perennials into the garden, if you want early spring color now is the time to find it, so you can sit back and enjoy next year. Especially if you want some unique shade plants, don’t forget we have the shade structure in front of the greenhouse with real nice shade specific plants underneath.

Out in the field we have planted the rest of our spring peas and our first lettuce crop. We have seeded spinach and radishes and our second crops of beets and carrots. We are kind of ahead of the game, so we see how long that lasts. Our big push is coming for getting broccoli, peppers, tomatoes, and the rest in by the end of next week (or maybe the week after).

Check back soon for online access to our tomato guide, it’s time to start figuring out what you want to plant this year and don’t miss out on your faves

Speaking of shade plants, here’s a little gallery of some of those darkness lovers:

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