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Weekend Workshops -garden troubleshooting

April 21, 2010

Great turnout last weekend in the nasty weather for our herb and vegetable workshop with Jodi Gilson. Now that you know all about getting the garden started, stop in this weekend to learn about what to do when your green thumb turns brown. We are happy to be hosting Paul Lopes from UMass Horticulture Extension this Saturday morning at 10. He will be going over diseases and pests common to our area and give tips on how to control these problems in the garden. This troubleshooting session, like all our spring workshops, is free and attendance will gain you a 10% coupon to put toward the soil amendments you need to keep your garden healthy and anything else you find at our farm stand this weekend.

April is all about the greens, and reds, get a jump-start on that summer salad!

In other news, we have been steadily increasing our stock of perennials that are temperature hardy and ready to go. We have seeded our summer squash and cucumbers for retail sales, but these along with the peppers and tomatoes, are just too tender to go out yet. Stay patient and enjoy some of the special treats of early spring: lettuces, broccoli, perennial herbs, onions and potatoes. It’s a perfect time to put in some strawberries, either add to your existing patch or start fresh, maybe in a strawberry pot. Likewise it is a great time to put in other perennial fruit crops. We are getting ready to increase our blueberry crop by 50% this spring. Now is the time to pick up those shrubs, as well as any grapes or raspberries you’ve been dreaming of.There is plenty to do, even if we can’t trust the weather just yet, so come on down and get those creative and fruit juices flowing.

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