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Like walking in the rain and the snow…

April 15, 2010

There’s somewhere to go, don’t feel like part of you is dying. I won’t belabor those misquoted song lyrics anymore. Just know while we are plunging back into dreary winter weather this weekend, the farm is here for you. The greenhouse is warm and full of blooms. There are tons of pansies and perennials ripe for the outdoors despite the cold temps. Plus like most spring weekends we have another great workshop for you.

This Saturday’s workshop will be presented by Jodi Gilson of Gilson Greenhouses. As our long time herb supplier, she has joined us the last few years to talk about starting vegetables and herbs for your home garden and about using these herbs in culinary and medicinal ways. Also as usual, the workshop as free and you will receive 10% off your farm purchase this weekend for attending.

Buy this.

Get this one too.

In other news we have dropped the price of our spring bulbs. They are Buy One Get One Free while supplies last. Tulips, ranunculus, hyacinth and daffodils are bursting with color all over town and if you missed your opportunity to put them in last fall, you can still enjoy some bright color before they fade behind May annuals.

Creeping phlox is in bloom and at the farm now.  Don’t wait til it’s too late to enjoy this bright spring perennial beauty. We have them in shades of red,pink, purple, blue and white.

Native and field grown phlox is ready to cascade through your garden.

Putting the corn seed to rest under it's blanket for the next few months. Should get corn to you 7-10 days earlier.

This week also saw some action in the field. We were able to get the peas and first crop of beans covered with floating row covers to maximize the still short days. Also, we are stoked to have the first crop of sweet corn in the ground, your favorite and ours Temptation. July can’t come too quick, right? We put in our fava beans and onion sets this week too.

We plant most of our scallions from seed, but to get an early spring crop we also plant a short row of onion sets.

Magnolia blossoms

Like clockwork, there is an old magnolia tree that blooms every time we go to plant the first spring corn. I suppose you could say that in reverse. We know we are on schedule if we show up and those buds arre opening. It's hard to know if you are on schedule with this ever changing weather, but a few perennial signs certainly help.

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