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What do you know, we’re right on target.

April 6, 2010

So in a spring that seemed to be dragging its feet in the muck and soggy basements of metro west, I was heartened today by our ability to once again get the peas and many other small items direct seeded into the field.  It felt so late, until checking the archives I found we are a full 3 days ahead of last year.

So that’s fantastic as far as I am concerned. It means if this average to above average weather keeps up we will be in produce mode before you know it. According to forecasters there are a few mid-80 degree days in our future. This can be a particularly stressful time for your young plants so pay attention to them this week. As temps rise and before the leafs on the trees unfurl those sun rays can bake your delicate pansies and tender perennials so be sure and check the water tomorrow!

Speaking of leafing out, the other thing to be mindful of is the arrival of the winter moth larvae. Those little inchworms are out and about, about to wreak havoc on your fruiting and flowering trees, blueberries, and maples, roses and anything else they land on. There are some remedies available to the homeowner like B.t. sprays , available at garden centers that carry pest remedies, (so not us but try our friends at Needham Garden Center) For bigger jobs you will need call in professionals.

Have I mentioned that we are offering our annual free soil testing this Saturday? Collect one or two samples from your yard or gardens and bring them in for personalized and detailed help in choosing soil amendments to maximize your green thumb potential. You only need about a cups worth of soil to test, but it is best when dry so grab it before Friday’s showers.

We continue to have more and more blooms to offer you everyday so keep checking in for whats new and we’ll see you here.

Pardon our dust and confusion this week as there was a 'minor' water line issue in one of our greenhouses. We learned some new skills, in regard to jackhammering, and hope to have the concrete replaced by the end of the week. Importantly the water is back on to all of our greenhouses in time for the heat wave.

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