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What is it time for?

April 1, 2010

We have dozens of pasy and viola colors to choose from. Something sure to fit any palette.

So it’s spring. We are officially open for another, hopefully, amazing season. The rainiest month since 1955 certainly has set us all back a little bit, but who knows maybe we’ve used up our rainy weekend days for the year already? Going forward lets hope we dry out for a bit, then ease into a steady inch of rain a week or so, just to keep things growing. Likewise lets hope those few but necessary inches fall overnight on school nights.

Our new Deep Blue Butterfly pansy is very limited in availability but thick with color. Hand to heart this photo is a true representation untouched by color editors.

But, enough of this future casting. What is going on now? We have got over 2800 square feet of pansies and violas ready to roll out the door. We have them in flats and decorative containers, even many already in window-box liners so you can drop them right in. The hanging baskets and patio containers make wonderful hostess gifts as well, so keep that in mind for all your spring fests. They are hardened off and certainly willing to take this weekend’s 70 degree temps.

Colorful perennials to dot your early spring landscape, hardened and ready for action.

We have brought in some outstanding perennials as well, already in bloom and ready to give some added pop to your yard. Shock your neighbors this Saturday with honest to goodness blooms for now and next year.

Nothing dainty or demure about this lenten rose. We are once again pleased to offer exclusive varieties from White Flower Farms. One shining example is this Hellebores offering more bloom than leaf, nearly opposite to a standard hellebore. Truly a remarkable specimen for your early garden.

There are a few shrubs on hand, forsythia and re-blooming lilacs from Proven Winners, as well as a selection of forced bulbs, daffodils, tulips and hyacinth. With these fresh blooms and Easter lilies for the weekend holiday, your house will be looking sharp inside and out.

As always we have an extensive array of pottery, iron, and plastic containers to fulfill all the dreams you have for your summer oasis. And also as always the best selection goes first. Yet another reason to get in early and scope out your favorites. This weekend is a perfect opportunity with our Saturday open house, including door prizes, doughnuts, and a special workshop and presentation on the new biological control system we have implemented as part of our ongoing Integrated Pest Management practices in the greenhouses this spring. Find out how we are fighting bugs with bugs, in other words. That fun starts at 10 am so don’t miss it.

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