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Getting ready to roll into another spring

March 25, 2010

Another year of planting, picking and blogging is now underway. In reverse chronological order, let me bring you up to speed. As of today I am attempting to force general AP style guidelines on myself and fellow bloggers on this site. So with much research the seasons of the year will now be lowercase as in the header of this piece. Likewise, despite their import to me and many of you brussels sprouts will share the same fate of downsizing. That extra room will only allow us to eat more of them. Now please continue to call me on my other faux pas  throughout the year. Spelling, style, and general glaring omission problems are all welcome.

Now on to the picking. Don’t expect anything too soon this year. Peas and strawberries in early June as expected, but the field still looks like this way too often:

Ducks included.

What else have we been up too? Well mostly planting, unpacking, and repairing. These past two weeks have seen us recovering both the greenhouses we expected to and one we didn’t. By recovering, I mean putting the cover back on, as well as the other thing too.

The nor’easter earlier this month did a number on greenhouse number 1, the oldest of our “fleet,” and we did our best to plug it up again.

Dave, reaching the summit of #1

Dave, mid-repair and looking for better days on the horizon.

In better news, we managed to get the rest of the greenhouses covered with plastic, and that mostly went as expected. We remove the covers from many of our houses over the fall and winter months when they are not in use as it seems more efficient to spend a day breaking down and rebuilding them than to heat them in a particularly snowy year to prevent collapse. So that grand team building excercise saw a few more houses covered just this morning while the wind was “tranquil” as the weather reports forecast, or “violently sporadic” for those of us holding the ropes and edges of the 20′ x 150′ sheets witnessed. Just some of the things we’ve been involved with over the past few days and weeks. Things are heating up inside and outside. Pay no attention to whatever snow we see in the morning, it is just a reminder of what we are leaving behind. Can’t wait to see you next week! We open with pansies, pottery, fertilizer and soil in one week, April 1st. Open house April 3rd, complete with door prizes and doughnuts. You’ll be able to get your Easter flowers with us!

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