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Season’s Greetings

November 30, 2009

So with one weekend under our belts with the new setup, we think we have things figured out.

1) Shopping is a breeze. Trees, wreaths, flowers, and trim-a-tree all get gathered and paid for in the comfort of our new warm and toasty greenhouse. You all know it from the spring and summer, but this is the season to really get a feel for how amazing the space is. The radiant floor heating is so even and steady, our cashiers are already finding themselves overdressed. If anything we have noticed the average lingering time for most customers has increased. Come find out why for yourselves, pop in for the free mulled cider this weekend.

2) Sorting trees by size rather than variety seems much easier for everybody. The 6-9 foot trees are hanging out on the “piazza” the cozy crushed stone area in front of the glass green house. The lights here are great and give  some of the best night-time shopping we’ve ever offered. In front of the produce stand, formerly where you shopped for wreaths and such, you’ll find all the trees 9 foot and above. In case you are wondering we have hundreds of these, Frasier and Balsam Firs reaching 9-14 feet. All around Greenhouse 14, right in front, you will find all of our trees in the 2-6 foot range, live and cut, Charlie Brown style and a little fuller too.

3) Change is hard on everyone. We know we’ll find you wandering around back corners and darkened alleys that you have grown used to over the past few decades. It’s okay. Happens to us too. Just head toward the light, we’ll be there waiting to help. On that note, we have moved the main entrance down the way a bit. The best parking spots are now down in front of the greenhouse and the fastest way to assistance is there as well.

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