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Spirit of the Season

November 23, 2009

Christmas time is one of the favorites at Volante’s for at least one simple reason, the teamwork. While most of the year is divided between the field, the greenhouses and the retail stand, Christmas brings everybody together for one huge purpose. That purpose boils down to moving tons upon tons of evergreens in tree, branch, and wreath form off of trucks and into the Holiday setup.

We spent the rest of the weekend working on getting those trucks emptied, and there are just a few small loads to go.

After the initial unloading of trees, we split up again to unwrap and price them. Every single tree at our farm gets the quality control treatment and is priced accordingly by its shape, color, and ultimate perfectness.In other words, we make sure each one gets one of these:

By the way, we open Friday at 9 AM. Maybe you want one of our hand decorated wreaths? They’ll be ready then along with all of our poinsettias and trim a tree in the new greenhouse. Be sure to allow extra time to take in the new layout.

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