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Christmas is coming

November 20, 2009

and the geese are getting fat, eating the remnants of corn out in the field. Meanwhile we have been hard at work transforming the greenhouse over for its brand new, never before seen Holiday Experience. Today, the first trailer load of trees rolled into the lot in the pouring rain and our stalwart crew was prepped for it.

This is what just shy of a thousand trees looks like in a downpour. And waiting to be unloaded.

The first day of trees is always a shock, the smell of all that fir being so foreign at first. In a few days we won’t notice it again. After a muddy, dripping, sweaty morning the skies opened to some blue and a rather late-summer like day.

It went pretty well today, several hundred Frasier Firs are now unwrapped, priced, piled and ready for display. Spirits are high, and only  three (or four) more trucks to go. Feel free to wave on your way by this weekend, and otherwise we will see you Friday for the big decorating push.

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