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No one’s complaining about this heat wave yet!

July 29, 2009

So, it hasn’t really rained in a while, if you don’t count what happens overnight. This means we are busy and really well into the full swing of things. If you haven’t been made fully aware, we do have HOMEGROWN CORN! It is Temptation, our standby early season butter and sugar.

The corn table is full again, please remember to keep corn freshest for you and others, don't tear the husks open!

The corn table is full again, please remember to keep corn freshest for you and others, don't tear the husks open!

It holds up to the cool rainy time of year as well as any we have found yet and we are sticking with it. It may appear to be a younger and smaller ear than you are used to, but the maturity and flavor are in there for sure. Stay tuned here for Corn news, as we know you have your favorites you are waiting patiently for.


Additionally, I hope you haven’t missed that we have been selling Mass Grown Peaches and Plums for the past couple weeks. There is no better surprise of the year than the  first visit of Bill Broderick of Sunnycrest Orchards. What begins as a trickle of golden ripe peaches, will soon flow freely into nectarines, plums, and eventually apples! We are on the move! Be sure to pick  up some tasty locally grown stone fruit out under the green and white tent before you enter the stand. This is where you will find the ripest treats around.

What else is new this week? Well we are certainly picking a lot of homegrown flowers and artfully arranging them into bouquets. Picture0158They are generally available under the tent as well, if not every day, most of them.

Also our new classic, homegrown celery is back. It’s certainly not your mother’s celery. CeleryOur laissez-faire attitude toward celery has left us with an unblanched, leafy, dark green plant that has so much flavor you won’t recognize it. It seems scary to many, but give it a shot.

This just in as well, we have shell beans on the stand today for the first time this season! That is certainly a treat to see these pink and white beauties again. Teggia, french horticultural shell beansIt seems like a lot more is going on than I can fit in today, so check back soon for more updates!

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