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This weekend at the Farm

June 11, 2009

Plant sale placard

In addition to hangers being on sale, most of our six-pack flowers and window box plants are also marked down now as well. Now is the time to come replace those rabbit-foraged, drought-inflicted, over-watered plants of best intentions you brought home last month or to finish off those corners you didn’t quite get to yet. We still have loads of tomatoes and other veggies to choose from also.

Plenty of colorful perennials and annual planters are arriving all the time too.Bay2

One more thought: Father’s Day is right around the corner, a week away in fact. Maybe Dad needs one of our great Patio Tomato Planters with mixed herbs to put by his grill, or maybe a Volante’s Gift Card to choose his own gift.

Maybe he just needs you to pick up a fresh hanging basket for Mom, you know, to replace the one she got for Mother’s Day and he forgot to water for her?   Getting him back in good with Mom can go a long way.

And oh yeah, we are open for produce too. We tore through our first early peas this week in no time flat, more will be ready very soon with the rain helping them to swell. Our new variety of sugar snap pea is proving to be a late bloomer, we’ll let you know as soon as we do! Strawberries are still coming in strong, not as many as you guys can handle apparently, but we will do our best to keep them on hand. Summer squash is very close to ready and we think we’ll have some nice full sized beets for the weekend too.CIMG1460

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