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Triple-Crown of Gardening

May 17, 2009

Or why planting your garden is like a day at the races.

Is it safe to plant? I know it may not matter. We have hit mid-May, the traditional season of making the gamble on the weather because we just can’t bear the wait. So I will let you in on the not-so secret. We have planted our tomatoes! If we do that you pretty much know you are in the clear. Right? Well it is a gamble still, but risk of killing frost should be out of the picture by now. The biggest detriment to your summer vegetable and flower gardens  from here on out is more in sustained cold temperatures at night stunting their growth. However, with surprise warmth like we had several afternoons this week there is plenty to be gained outdoors. Additionally while dampening some spirits, if you got as much in the ground yesterday as you wanted to, this morning’s rain is a real gift.

Early Girls waiting for coverThe big caveat: we still hedge our bets. Our softest veggies are indeed in the field, but still in a cozy row cover that lets sun and rain in but keeps the extremes of temperatures at bay. Good luck!

UPDATE: Clearly I was unaware that my posting of this would bring down a frost advisory across the entire community.  Fingers crossed tonight (Monday) everyone, its not too late to cover up your precious plantings. Subsequent days promise heat!

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